Top Information For 2015 On Central Criteria Of Face Cream

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Not only is the baby happier, she says, but his or her vitals are more stable. Body temperature, heart and breathing rate normalize more quickly. The close contact also allows the baby to be exposed to the same bacteria as the mother, which can protect against allergies and infection in the future. Infants who receive kangaroo care breast feed more easily, Lee says, and their mothers tend to breast feed for longer periods of time, which is "all good." Babies also seem to suffer you can find out more less pain. Almost 20 years ago, Gray studied how babies respond to a heel prick to draw blood, a procedure that screens newborns for genetic disorders. He found that when healthy newborns had kangaroo care, there was less facial grimacing and crying suggesting pain, compared to babies who had been swaddled and had the procedure in their bassinets, "sort of alone." One of the first places to show how this technique can help preemies was Colombia in the 1990s. There, hospitals with no access to incubators and other equipment often sent home preemies with no expectation that they would live. But doctors were surprised to see that babies whose mothers carried them close, skin to skin, not only survived but thrived. This was a "serendipitous magical finding," says Gray, suggesting that skin-to-skin contact acted something like a "natural incubator." Gray also points to the work of Myron Hofer , a psychiatrist with Columbia University Medical Center who studies attachment between mother and infants. Hofer coined the term "hidden regulators" that pass between mother and baby.

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