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At least 62 Syrians were killed in the strikes, as the US said it may have accidentally hit a government position. Mrs May said the UK would now contribute "fully" to an investigation. Speaking at the UN headquarters in New York, she said: "We are now part of the investigation and it's right that this is properly investigated. "But, from the UK's point of view we are there to deal with Daesh, to deal with the terrorist threat that is Daesh." Mrs May was attending the UN's summit for refugees and migrants where she urged the international community to "come together" to deal with the Syrian crisis. 'Unintentional' The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that an unmanned RAF remotely-piloted Reaper drone took part in the Deir al-Zour strikes. US, Australian and Danish aircraft were also involved. The US has already expressed "regret" for the "unintentional loss of life", while Australia's Department of Defence has offered its condolences to the families of government soldiers killed or wounded. A Syrian army source said the air strike had allowed IS to gain ground in the area around the Syrian airbase, but that Syrian forces had regained most positions on the hilltop nearby with the help of Syrian and Russian air support. The attack dealt a further blow to the ceasefire deal, which was agreed by the US and Russia on 12 September but declared over by the Syrian military on Monday evening .